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Friday, December 15, 2006

Would you get a degree through these people??

This little gem arrived in my inbox this morning, and I almost spat my coffee out over my screen. Its not surprising to get badly written spam, and while this is definitely the worst I've seen, the kicker for me was the fact that this person wants me to believe they can teach me something - bwa hahaha!

Good day Kate!!.
Tehre are no neeedd tests, classes, books, or interviews !
Obtain _aBachelors, Masters., MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma.
Msater the benefits and hgih regard_that comes with a.diploma !
Not a single perso nis not approved
Compleet Anonymity questionless
Reach Us Right Away +1 (270) 818-7244 -Good Anytime-


Elle said...

hahahahaha.. that is funny. That's why they call it spam.

Kate said...

its just bizarre! and i bet there are still people out there fooled by it! :)

Elle said...

Oh more than likely!!! people fall this kind of junk all the time... very sad.. :)

revolving credit said...

+1 (270) 818-7244 -Good Anytime

Sounds like a phone sex telephone number.

Sithembile said...

hee hee :) makes me appreciate my newly acquired uct degree a bit more...

Kate said...

ja, I think its great! and the advert is really target market-focussed.

(read above in tones dripping with sarcasm)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, that's an insane email and it never fails to amaze me how some gullible people fall for it! It's my last day of work till the 8th so just wanted to wish you a lovely Christmas and New Year. I'm heading to the Eastern Cape for the festive season so will be thinking of u! Love

Elle said...

Merry Christmas Kate! have a good one!