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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...pleeeeeeeaaaase!

Hi folks.

I know I've been unusually crap about posting this last week or so. I'm still not feeling much like it (i'm sulking today about shite weather and a very very broke christmas fund). I've been christmas shopping and everything's wrapped, so the lounge looks about as festive as it can without a christmas tree (we're not spending christmas here so it doesnt make sense to get one - more sulking). Yesterday it snowed a little. I was so excited that I ran to wake up Jono to show him, but he concluded that it wasnt snow so much as cold rain, but for me it counted!
At the moment I'm unemployed as mentioned previously, but the plan is to devote the next couple of days to wallpapering edinburgh with my cv and applying for just about anything. I'll let you know if anything comes of it.
Anyway, we're off to Oxford and then Wales on the 19th - YAY!!! And then I'll be pretty scarce around here, if present at all. So here's wishing everyone happy holidays (i know that's a very american saying, but I like being equal opportunity).

Love and xmas,

P.S. does anyone know of an internet money making scheme that isnt a scheme/scam? I know that sounds desperate, but I figure everything's worth considering.


ChewTheCud said...

nuh uh kate. stay clear of that stuff. you're not the first to consider it. don't believe the hype. rather sign up with some more agencies and get some little jobs. i packed for sainsbury's at nights for a while, waitered at wembley, lots of things. eventually landed a job at harrod's - go sign up with their human resources if you want - they dig south africans and its easy.

oh yeah - i brought you some sunshine, fresh from the beaches of moz! enjoy, don't spend it all in one place. :)

Kate said...

hey chewthecud! welcome back - we missed you! thanks for the sunshine, i could really use it. its been raining solidly for days!

Rhodos said...

Have a good break, and listen to the cud-chewer. Internet bad, for work @ least.

Send my luff to the extended fan-damilies and send us a postcard.


Rhodos said...

That was me, sorry, Rhodos is my work blog account. Sigh


Kate said...

dude! you had me seriously confused there for a second! :)

Thanks for the holiday wishes.