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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Wow! Well that happened quickly, huh?! barely got my head around 2006 and its over and now i have to train myself to write this weird "7" thingie-majig. Well, happy new year!!! I'm trying not to look back at 2006 with any clarity, because with the blurry aid of hindsight, it seems like a wonderful, challenging and BIG experience, but the moment individual events come into focus, the whole year seems terrifying and horrible. I'm amazed I'm alive, have worked, paid bills, etc. Anyway, as I said best not to focus on it.

The holiday was amazing, but its back to real life again and the dreaded job hunting - more of that to follow, I'm sure. I've very little energy for blogging right now, so this is just a chance for me to stick my hand up and be counted as present, I'll start participating in class activities again soon.

Love and optimism to you all for the brand new shiny year!

Xxx Possum


Kevin Cadman said...

Happy new year! :)

Have you noticed that the older you get, the quicker the years go by? I remember being in primary school - the years took FOREVER!

Now, you blink and it's gone.

Soon it'll be 2010 and we'll all be bitching about soccer.

hawk said...

Happy New Year, Katie! Here's hoping 2007 will be a good/better one all round :)

Kate said...

hi guys. happy new year!

Kev: they really are flying these days! i remember thinking on the day after my birthday (in sept) that christmas was years away - i was a present focussed 10 yr old.

Hawk: thanks love, you too!

The Granny Wrangler said...

now you're making me feel bad. i was happily sitting back, reeling from a wonderful 3 week holiday and totally unable to lift finger to keyboard. my writing skills are still sitting in a pile of mouldy rain soaked suitcases in heathrow. but now that everyone seems to be back and the interweb is abuzz with little bloggers, my conscience refuses to let me sit here quietly pretending i'm in barbados. Glad you had a fab one. Happy Not Looking Back To 2006 :)

Kate said...

wrangler: she's back! she's here! lock up your "purple rinses"!


Glad you're back!

other-duke said...

Hey you.

All the best for the year ahead, good luck with the job hunt, i'll be joining you in about 2 months. Oi!


Kate said...

heading towards the Big Smoke, are we?! well, best of luck. At least you're not coming in the dead of winter.

Hope 2007 is good to you!