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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Possum's big day

Hello folks

Today is my 23rd Birthday, and I'm feeling terribly grown up.
I'm living in a flat, about 12 000 km from my home, with my boyfriend, who i've recently started referring to as "my partner" for administrative bonuses and ease of reference.

23 brings with it bizarre and terrifyingly new concerns. This time last year I was worried about handing in assignments for marks, missing lectures (okay, well that didnt exactly give me sleepless nights) and getting enough shifts at the student union bar, now I'm "between jobs", joining a gym, paying rent, and buying grown up things like microwaves and fridges. These appliances now have way more significance than when your dad gives you cash to set up your digs, and you own one-fifth of a couch etc.

Thank god for Jono, who this morning presented me with a purple-and-black-striped hoodie with ears on it, otherwise I'd feel just about ready for retirement. And my lovely friends who are older than me, and that's most of you, please dont roll your eyes. Just try to bear with me a little, and remember you've all had similar crises at one point or another.

I'd like to send a beyond-the-grave happy birthday to my great gran (dad's side) whom I share a birthday with, and a another telepathic happy happy to my other great gran who is 98 yrs old today too. The ladies in my family live long, and love the 21st of September!

Love and possums to you all!

P.S. Can people please stop asking when Jons and I are getting married, or if you can come to the wedding (sorry Pieter and Jonty). We're not getting married any time soon - s just hold your horses! :)


TiggerTash said...

I left my b-day greetings in the post below, but just in case you miss that: happy happy!

As for marrige, peh. You know you want to. Jons is SO the white wedding type... :P

Kate said...

Thanks for the birthday message - much appreciated (unlike that wedding chirp ;P )

Revolving Credit said...

Happy Birthday Possum

I think we'll have to drink a toast to each other this evening!

Hope you have a wicked celebration.


Peas on Toast said...

Happy happy my fellow Virgo!

Hope you have a wonderful day, filled with mates and possibly lots of drinkiepoos (try and refrain from the yaygies, or you'll feel like I did when I was in GTown...I blame your mates! :) Oh what the hell, here's a cyber yaygie just for you. Down the hatch!

xxxx Peas

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, happy happy birthday my friend! If we were in Gtown now I would def be joining you at the bar for a drink (or 10!)...will email soon i promise.lots of love marika.x

Antoine said...

Hoppy Birthday to a Young un far away from Home!

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