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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

All Access

Aaah! Isnt the internet glorious?! Breathe in the buzzing packets of information wizzing by, and bask in the warm glow of happy little lights blinking on my modem (okay, well that one's a lie, since I have broadband and my modem is not blinking).

Yup, I'm back on, baby! and, as you may have guessed, manically excited about it! Our home broadband is up and running, and I'm currently blogging from my lounge (which is also the kitchen and dining room) and looking out onto Grassmarket, a gorgeous cobbled street, lined with pubs and restaurants. From this vantage point I can see the West Bow well, and the sight of the old city gallows - Jono joked that it was too bad we dont have public executions anymore, because we're well placed to lob rotten tomatoes at the condemned (makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, doesnt it??!)

One small problem: its fucking cold already! We had to turn on the central heating yesterday and its only September. This does not bode well. But I am looking forward to actual snow and a real christmas tree.

Plus this place is vintage shopping heaven! There are so many charity and second hand clothing shops around that an entire industry is popping up around them, with talk of a vintage shopping tour starting up. I have already blown my budget on a leather jacket and a seventies fake-fur-and-suede creation. Both of which please me in a way that is slightly scary. I can feel my girly-girl index soaring!

Now the bad news: I'm still unemployed. This is my third week as a lady of leisure, and my second week of job hunting, and I'm starting to stress. Its my own doing though. I'm being picky. If i wanted bar work, I'd be sorted already, but I'm looking for a permanent nine-to-five, in the city centre and that narrows my options considerably. I did have a very good interview on friday, but you never know how good the other candidates are so I'm not sure anything will come of it. At least I know I have next months rent tied up, which is some relief.

I'm very shortly going to be uploading some new pics onto my flickr account so have a look if you're interested. Otherwise, I'll keep you posted on the job hunt issue.

I'd love to hear from you all out there. Send me a little internet shout out, and make my broadband-day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, just a quick hello coz i know I've been quiet! Have changed jobs myself and am now writing for a business site which is so ironic coz i'm so not the business type.get to wear nice clothes though so thats a bonus :-)
Holding thumbs for you but i'm sure the right job will come along! So glad you're settled and happy with your man...take care my friend! love marika.x

Kate said...

Hi Marika
Good to hear from you! What happened to your blog? Send me an email with all your news!

nick said...

you're screwed, sister, this has been the hottest September on record in the UK! Wait till mid-January, julle gaan kak!

TiggerTash said...

Happy birthday possum! :bearhug:

Hope it rocks the party etc etc and all other cliches re: birthdays.