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Monday, April 24, 2006

Adventures in the SA

Hi folks, I'm back in Oxford, and getting settled in to my new job - which is the first job that I'm actually enjoying in, ummm, forever (okay, since I've been in England). The staff are really welcoming and supportive, they even offered to help me with my deposit on a flat if I ever find one.

That's the other main thing that's occupying my time at the moment. I'm looking for a house share situation, but I'm somewhat limited in choice as I only want about a five month lease - which doesnt exactly thrill estate agents, as you can imagine. This is because Jono got accepted into Wolfson College at Oxford (Yay!), and assuming all goes well with his application to study Ecos here, we'll be moving in together into the college accomm in October.

I also had a crash course (no pun intended, and no i didnt crash) in driving in a busy city this weekend, as I have the school's car for a little while, because the staff kindly lent it to me to help me get around to look at flats.

WARNING: below is an account of my mad holiday in SA - read only if you're really interested because this is a little "blow-by-blow". Apologies for lacking in exciting writing skills.

My two weeks in SA were amazing, and rushed, and short and heat-breaking. I spent three days in East London with my folks, my brother and sister-in-law and my neice, saw the Clarks (ex-stellies debaters), and then headed on to Gtown, where Jono and I stayed at the Wylde's place, and did "the grad thing". The whole weekend was fantastic. Nothing but hugs and reunions and booze and academic gear (which I love!!!!). The Grad ball was also great, we stayed till they kicked us out.

I then headed up to JHb, staying at Naomi's mom's place (where Jono boards), had dinner with Thandi and Prifty at Cat's PJs, did a pub quiz with the ghosts of rhodes past, and essentially ran around like a headless chicken.

On Thursday night, Jono and I made our way to Witbank to visit his folks over the long weekend. Margot and I cried, ate, tidied the kitchen, talked diets and essentially drove Jono and Chris nuts. On Saturday we drove back through to JHB with Margot and Chris to watch Boys High thump Rondebosch at the KES festival. I support Pretoria Boys High in the same way I support Aston Villa football club (Jons: read whole heartedly, like my life depends on it). Saturday night we went round to Lee's new place for a braai, and then suddenly, all too quickly sunday was upon me! (insert dramatic music here). Jono, Marita and Chez saw me off at the airport, and didnt even skoff when I cried and whimpered. My flight went via Dubai, and my entertainment screen wasnt working all the way there, so I had plenty of time to wallow in my misery.

Eventually, I got to Heathrow, and, thank god, London was warm(ish) and sunny, otherwise I may have turned right round and gone home. As it was, I arrived in Oxford 36 hrs after I left for JHB airport. I'm staying with a host family in Kidlington, Oxford, which is miles from work, but an easy half hour bus ride and nice to have a base from where to look for more perm accomm.

Thats all my news up to date. I'd love to hear from people (email me!). Lots of love. Kate

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