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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bring on the ruby slippers and fly me home!

Just wanted to get in a quick post to update y'all on my plans for the next little while. I fly out of the UK to SA on Sunday 2 April. Arrive JHB on the 3rd, fly down to East London where I'll be with my folks for a couple of days. Going to Gtown for grad from the 6th -9th, and then up to JHB until the 16th when I return to start my job in Oxford.
Some observant folk might notice that home time is a little longer than originally planned: my boss at the Oxford job emailed to say it would suit her better for me to start a week later, and after some emergency scrambling with a travel agent I managed to change my return date for no extra cost...yay!
To those of you in Gtown: oh my god, get ready...because I have been looking forward to nothing else for fucking ages. I wanna see everyone!
To those of you in JHB: I'm going to be there for a week, and would love to see you while I'm there. Please get hold of me.

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