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Friday, March 02, 2007

The one about going home and evil germs

Jono gave me flu! He had it bad, and I've managed to keep it at bay mostly - except for that horrible body ache thing and a scratchy throat. On Tuesday night I really thought I was a goner, but turns out that First Defence is, actually, the sh*t! It has got me through so far, but I work weekends so the next time that I can crawl into bed and stay there in a determined attempt to get well is Tuesday...four days and counting.

But besides the evil germs, this is a happy post, because I'm going home. I finally sucked it up and asked my boss for leave in April and got it. So i'm going home for a short (too short) visit.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to have time to catch up with folks in JHB as I'm flying in for less than eight days and my folks will disown me if I dont spend 5 or 6 of those with them. So the only places that will enjoy my short time in SA are East London and G'town (to visit the remaining 6 people i know there - sad, hey?!)

I'm trying to make a list of all the uniquely South African things I can cram into eight days, and typically its turning out to be a list of SA food I can cram into my mouth. So much biltong, apricot sweets, steers chips, and bunny chow...

Anyway, look out home! Kate and her snow-white-havent-seen-sun-in-eight-months legs and shoulders are coming to get you!


Janty said...

Yay! When will you be coming? I am heading back to GTown for Easter and grad - any chance that's when you're around??

If it is - then we must braai. There's nothing more SAfrica than that :)

Much love

ChewTheCud said...

Yeah. There's even a Spur at the airport. I was in there within 15 minutes of landing when I got back from England. T-Bone! Ribs! Mmmmmm.... At least you'll have lotsa money.

Katie Possum said...

I'll be in town the weekend before grad. I think its the 6th, 7th. You going to be around then? I'd love to see you!

That's fantastic news! I didnt realise that! Spicy buffalo wings here I come :)

Janty said...

Yay! That's when I'm going home :) Hooray for lucky coincidences! And since you're fabulously wealthy - the drinks are on you :P

Kevin Cadman said...

Hey! Just popping in... been quite scarce with the blog comments :)

With regards to your recipe, yeah, I got it but unfortunately I'm not much of a vegetable fan! :(

I might build up the courage one day and try it anyway ;)

How've you been?


Katie Possum said...

Hi Kev
Been good - if a little shocked at your blatant diregard for the precious veggie.

Poly said...

I cant believe you are not gonna stop by Jozi street. Little nugget may be here by that time.

hawk said...

aargh, I'm going to miss you :( Was SO hoping to see you! Hawk

Katie Possum said...

Poly & Hawk: I know, I know! I'm a horrible person, but I couldnt take more time off work because I'm paid by the hour, so everyday I'm in SA, is a day I dont get paid, and although I've essentially promised to buy a round for the whole of Gtown, I'm actually not well off at the moment :)