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Friday, March 16, 2007

The Good News: Economist article on SA

The Economist has published a very interesting article about progress in SA, called The long journey of a young democracy. It is NOT all positive, so I am not delivering just the good news, but in my opinion it is balanced and well researched journalism - a more realistic representation of the strides we've made, and of the short comings of our beautiful home, than other available sources on the internet ;P (see previous post)
Below please find the opening paragraph, but better yet, go along and read the whole article here.

"THE township of Soweto, Johannesburg's largest, was once a byword for violence and black deprivation. Look at it now. In the Diepkloof neighbourhood, shiny new cars are parked next to elegant houses protected by security systems. Shopping malls are planned, banks have opened and tourists are coming. New bars and restaurants stay open all night, drawing in the rich blacks who now live, during the week, in quiet suburbs of Johannesburg that used to be all-white.
Even the poorest corners of South Africa now look better. Roads are being paved. People who were left in the dark and cold by the apartheid regime, which ended in 1994, now have lights, a roof over their heads and access to fresh water. Flush toilets are replacing buckets. Black South Africans are pushing up property prices and propelling the economy in general; black economic empowerment, brought in to redress the injustices of apartheid, has spurred the creation of a small but wealthy black business elite."

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