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Friday, February 02, 2007

SA Rocks - well, yes it does!

Thanks to Nic for bringing this gem to my attention (through the terror of time-consumption known as facebook).

Check out SA ROCKS! And lets punt, punt, punt this beautiful country of ours. I'm so tired of the same old northern-western-centric "scary africa" bollocks. Oh, and the people behind that SA crime expo site (which i refuse to link to) must piss off and direct their copious amounts of negative energy elsewhere, like towards Telkom, maybe...

In Nic's own words (hope you dont mind, Nic!?):
"The principal behind is to create positive hype around South Africa. I feel that there are enough websites and people constantly saying negative things about South Africa, it's time for a positive representation of our country..."


Revolving Credit said...

I sooo read the title on your last post in Afrikaans, hilarious!!

Kate said...

Rev: Bwahaha! Happy to put a smile on your face!