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Monday, January 29, 2007

Ow! My teef!

Yes, no excuse for playing hooky from the blogosphere, but life's been pretty busy.
I'm still working the Sales Negotiator job, and enjoying myself, and I've also applied for a number of design / photography jobs - so hold thumbs for me, please!

This post is actually a quest for info. I'm actually needing advice from Saffas in the uk, or those who have lived here. I'm desperate to have my wisdom teeth out, but none of the dentists around me are taking new patients, except one that can see me in March, or maybe April... Is there any way to get around this frightfully inefficient NHS system? Any idea how much private dentists may charge for something like this?

I'm going home for a short visit in April (Yay! Sunshine!) but I'm no longer on my parents medical aid, dont have my own because I'm based here for the foreseeable future, and sounds like it'll be super expensive to pay cash even if I'm converting from pounds. sigh...

I'm off to go crunch ice cubes!
Love and possums to you all!


Dave said...

Can't really help you except to say that the UK has a huge problem with Dentists. Hope you sort your problem out and get to enjoy SA!!

Urk said...

errr...1 x bottle of jager, 1 x string for each tooth, 1 x slamming door = free problem solved. dont forget to place teeth in a shoe for the tooth fairy.

Insane Insomniac said...

Oh no.
Urk - wisdom teeth not removable by drunken force.

Katie - ask your dad very nicely to book you in on his medical aid while you're in SA. you'll lose a weekend, but it'll be worth it. or take out a loan or something. Rather get it done when you're there.

Yours Truly said...

Hey Possum-Pants, nice to see you back! Was about to send out a search party!

All i know i'm afraid is that when i was in CT a few years ago, it was cheaper to fly back to Zim, have them wisdoms hauled out under general, recuperate for a week and fly back than it was to go unmedical-aided in the snobby climes of the Mother City.

I feel your pain. In many more ways than one.

Gregor said...

Heya, I have moved Gregoogle to a new domain, now also known as Could you change the link name on your blogroll (to Groogle) and the url ( for correct referral. Thanks a mil, G

Kate said...

Hi guys. Thanks for the advice. I'm considering all of it - including getting boozed and trying the slamming door trick!

Will keep you posted on whether or not it is possible to remove your own wisdom teeth. I like to think of it as a scientific endevour of great merit...

P.S. Gregor: all updated now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
I'm a saffa girl living in London for the last 3 years +.
A year and a half ago I decided I wanted perfectly straight, perefctly white teeth (my teeth were in a sorry state!). I went to a FANTASTIC dentist in London (better than ANY dentist I have ever been to in South Africa!!!) He was private, of course, but the best thing about it was that he offers ) 0% interest on finance for a year! My bill came to £4,500 (which included a "hollywood re-smile", crowns, veneers, root canals, extractions, pro-laser whitening, etc etc - the list goes on). Absolutely no pain. This was pretty hectic as it all happened in teh space of just over a month (bi-weekly visits).
FANTASTIC, I can not stress enough!!
The Dentist I had was anmed "Nash" (not sure if he's still there). They're all young-ish, chilled, but highly modernised. They'll play whatever music you want while they work and you leave every session witha gift bag of things like mouth wash, dental floss, etc.

Okay, that's my rant - I hope you consider it.

Kate said...

Thanks, anon! Enjoy your hollywood smile! :)