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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

deja vu, anyone?

So, I've been here nine months (just over), and cant believe that I'm back to bloody temping**! I dont even want to go through my lengthy, emotional explanation of why I hate temping, because I've already done it (eight bloody months ago).

But I do just want to have a little bitch nonetheless (is that really one word? says who?). I have a university degree, a good one at that. I have excellent pc skills. I am articulate and presentable. I have examples of my published work. I am comfortable in many journalistic roles including subbing, writing, photography, ict writing, html programming, design, etc etc. I can use almost all the major imaging software packages...

Okay, I'll stop. You either know me well enough to know this stuff, or dont care. So I'll put an end to my self-serving rant.

Except to say, that it should be clear to anyone with half a brain that I am capable of more than answering phones, proofing letters and (yes) picking up dry cleaning (oh yes!).

And now I'm channelling a sulky five year old: "this whole working thing sucks (deja vu again)! who's bright idea was this anyway? I'm not speaking to them anymore! In fact, if I find them I'm gonna hit them with the nearest heavy object!"

Hrumph! Sigh! Grumble!

**the one day assignment turned into six, and I have another temp job lined up for next week.


Carlz said...

makes u wonder why you do the degree in the first place! tomorrow will be better

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Kate!

Thanks for putting my badge up! It's hilarious. :)

Picking up dry cleaning? Dollface I have a bottle of vino in the fridge ready for you when the day is over!

TiggerTash said...

That's "whose bright idea was this, anyway?" :P

And nonetheless is a word, no matter how weird it sounds.

Hang in there. I know the work is crap, but it's all a way to earn cash, and a way to work towards new and brilliant stories.

Kate said...

Thanks for the shout out of support, folks.

And Tash - it's rude to edit someone's rants!!! :) I do, however, have some ideas for great stories.

Peas- make it a magnum, love.

Carls - I have the degree just so I can feel properly pissed off about what I'm doing now. "I have no qualification, but I'm cool" just doesnt have the same ring to it. Just kidding!