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Friday, September 29, 2006

"Let the river run, let all the dreamers wake the nation"

For the un-girly, un-eighties fans (which may well be everyone), the title of this post comes from the lyrics to the Carly Simon song that is the theme to Working know, movie with that chick who married Antonio Banderas, shoulder pads, big hair??? Work with me people!

Lets all take a moment to think why Katie's using that as a title. How unsubtle can her post titles really get? Has she no shame? The answers are ofcourse "very", and "no".

I had work today. Just a temp position for one day - but it still feels like christmas. and the even better news is that they want me back next week.

Mock not, oh fully employed/funded ones! This is indeed a triumpth!

* Exits with a flourish, and "Ride of the Valkyries" (or however you spell that) blasting away*


anne said...

Good on you! And 'bon courage', I guess, as you must be toiling away right now...

Kate said...

Yay! Work! Yay!
Thanks Anne, doesnt feel like toil just yet, but give me a week:)

Rox said...

Hello there...
Found your blog..doing new media so know about these things now!Hope you well and hope more employment comes you way. Love rox

Kate said...

Hey Rox
LONG time no hear! Going over to your bloggy now!

Rox said...

Hi, heard you caught out whale using my charlie chaplin pic. Please could you send me a link to his page so I can check it out thanks rox

Kate said...

Your email addy is on my SA sim card, so I'm not sure either of us wanna put our personal email addresses up here.

Ask Tash for mine, and email me please, so I can have yours.

The site address is:
this, and if you go to his profile, there's a link to email him. Give him a serious talking to.

Journos dont smile on plagarism and similar efforts!!