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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

thoughts on life and other terribly profound things and stuff

so... in keeping with my mood of late, I'm hunched over my laptop typing with only eight fingers because I'm chain smoking under my newly taped up smoke detector, wearing silk pyjamas and waiting for my blood-red nail polish to dry. Yup, you guessed it - I'm angsty!*

And for one glorious evening the sky has agreed to reflect my mood, not in the stereotypical stormy way, but rather the dusty blue of twilight-just-past and overcast. The symbolism is only there if you're looking for it.

Is it called prophetic or pathetic fallacy?

Here's another one: My peace lilly potted plant is dying. It was a house warming gift from me to me, when I moved in here. Now its leaves are a lovely silky white, and the blooms are leafy green. So maybe plants do feed on emotion.

A rant: fucking britain! only in this county does 23 degrees Celsius equal blood red on the weatherwoman's chart. Sorry, but i lose my patience when busty blond weather morons blurt out pearlers like "there's a chance of some thunder storms, and you'll know if you're caught out in one". Fucking genius!

Last week a local paper printed the wrong lottery numbers, and then ran a discreet apology for the error in teeny tiny print buried on page five. This small, but cruel fuck up also rings true of my feelings at the moment. This is supposed to be the experience of a lifetime, but at the moment seems to be a great disappointment.

*The problem with being angsty as an adult (as opposed to a teenager, when its to be expected) is that you recognise the mood, its futility and juvenility**, so you're angsty but feel stupid about it!

**look, mom, a new word!

P.S. dont panic, concerned friends. i'm semi-miserable but leagues away from melt down. I'm just pissed, and taking it out on britain.

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