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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Something strange is stirring in this corner of the first world as summer approaches. Maybe we're spoilt in South Africa, but here in the UK the promise of sunshine seems to do weird things to the locals*. People everywhere are coming out of hiding, and Oxford positively explodes with happy tourists, as if the population triples or something.

Generally it's a great change. People are definitely happier and friendly, and friendliness is seriously needed down in the snobby south of England. The number of bicycles on the roads is really amazing. But not all the changes are good.

One thing I've noticed is, in fact, decidedly unpleasant. Men everywhere are getting their kit off. Fat men, skinny men, hot men, pug-ugly men - and mostly the pug-ugly.

I am not a prude. Had that shagged out of me ages ago. I am actually, theoretically, in favour of nudity and baring our chests (yes, mine too). Having said that, I'm just used to it in a different context - on the beach, in the parks, after/during sport, around the braai etc. This I support. I'll go so far as to campaign for people showing some skin.

But it freaks me out something rotten to see the tubby balding banker is a suit strip down to his y-fronts in the park and lay out like a walrus (without the famed massive appendage). Dont start accusing me of something new age like "fatism". Its not the balding skulls (genetic), or even the rotund bellies (lifestyle) doing my head in. Its just the most bizarre sight. Add to that the usual hacking and spitting-on-the-pavement of so many british men, and even a fat-admirer should be left feeling queasy.

And for a completely unfathomable reason, in my experience, repulsive men wearing almost nothing are twice as likely to whistle or pass lewd comments at girls than repulsive fully clothed men. Does heat make you hornier? Or just more of a dog?

Enough unfair and uncalled for bitching, its bedtime.

P.S. why is it so hard to sign in to at midnight GMT than other times? Does the whole of america sign on first thing in the morning? Or are all bloggers night-owls?

* I'm not even going into what the football world cup is doing to people here. That's for a whole new post.


Marika said...

Kate you make me laugh girl! and i totally agree with you, its a horrid sight and not one to be viewed on a full stomach! :-)

The Tart said...

Great post! My mother would be freaked out if she were there. She thinks all me should keep all parts covered in public. Men in shorts send her into a "list of why not to" speech.

Oh, yup, in the good old USA there are bloggers up at the crack of Dawn blogging them selve silly. Go to WillieBaronet's blog, he's in my blogroll. While U R signing out he is just getting started. ; )

The Tart
; )

Kate said...

Hey Jocelyn, here's something I dont think I've ever said: sounds like your mom and I have lots in common! will check out that link, thanks!