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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Graduation ball: what's the verdict?

Hi people. Using this blog to take a bit of a poll - give your answer in the comments section please. Please feel free to direct as many of your mates here as you want, especially if they are current or ex-Rhodes students.


The Graduation ball is:

a) a fun-in-formal-gear evening,that marks the end of an era and celebrates your achievement. You'll cherish the memory forever.

b) just another piss up, but here you have to pay for the privilege of being squished into formal gear, which someone will inevitably spill red wine on. Rather have a pint in a pub with your mates.

Thank you for participating in PossumPoll #1


Kate said...

I'm obviously undecided, hence the poll.

Danielle said...

I'm with going... I love formal gear.. also, guys in tuxs just do it for me (grin)

Pieter K said...

For fuck's sake, you've worked you're ass off for god knows how long to finally get a degree, you deserve going so people can stare in awe at you and go "I wish I was that smart and cool!" If you miss it, and it's the only graduation you'll ever have, or have for a long time, you'll never know how it'll turn out... How you approach and enjoy the ball has everything to do with your own mindset. I'd say go for it!!!

I think I watch too many teen movies.

Anonymous said...

Urm....just another piss up, but really fun nonetheless? Remember vodka jelly and "biting" tash's neck for the "formal" "couple" photo. Too many inverted commas. Going to go now. Leanne

Marika said...

Would love to go but got given the chance to spend the night at Shamwari and have had enough debaucherous nights at Rhodes to be able to skip this one...