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Thursday, March 02, 2006

and the crowd goes wild.....

Today is the day of good news.

I was offered a job! It's a six month position in Oxford, with a fairly decent wage and starts just after I return from grad. Hallelujah! It's definitely not in my field, but I'm really not picky now. I would be an assistant to an accommodation and welfare officer at the Oxford English College. The OEC is a small independent college in the centre of Oxford, mostly international students taking english so that they can study and work in the UK or US. Plus I get the use of the college car during the day. Plus plus... they'll pay me to help with the social functions. So I'll get paid double the usual rate to take students to a pub or to London for the weekend.

I also got confirmation today that I have a bank account. Sounds like a small victory, I know. But bear in mind that I have been trying for about six weeks now. Anyone who is thinking about coming to the UK: dont be over confident like I was. Everyone told me I would find it impossible to do on my own, and I got all cocky about it. It is, however, virtually impossible to open an account here. I had to swallow my pride (doing that a lot lately) and pay an agency to organise it for me. They're called 1st Contact, and it was open in three days.

I also have temp work for the next six days. This now sounds like an even smaller triumph, but I was unemployed this week and eating into my seriously small graduation fund, so the prospect of earning something, no matter how small is thrilling.

Real World: 458 - Kate: 3 (hey, dont laugh! I'm finally on the board, and gaining!)

As an aside, and nothing to do with good news: What's up with pub quizzes. Until this last week they had barely registered on my radar, but Tash's blog has an account of how my old digs scooped the top slot in a pub quiz at the Taphuis (how do you spell that again?). Then, Seth's mates at Goodenough College won their internal pub quiz - the winnings: 1 1/2 litres of grolsch(?) beer. Then Kev, Danielle, Deon Prins (all ex-stellenbosch debaters), myself and some others took part in one on monday.
Unfortuantely, we did not win that. But until you can tell me the link between:
a) You can leave your hat on
b) Elizabeth Taylor
c) Tiger Woods
dont judge us!

And take part in my damn poll (below)!!


Danielle said...

what was the link again... too many beers made me forget

Kate said...

current world boxing champions i think

hawk said...

Go Kate! Sounds like it's all starting to settle down? Good to hear!

TiggerTash said...

Joe Cocker is a world boxing champion? WTF?

Sorry to hear you lot couldn't match up to our brilliant standards. We haven't entered again for a while becacuse we're all broke, but as soon as payday rolls around, we'll be back.

Chuffed to hear about the job -- nice when the Universe comes together, eh?

Kate said...

Getting the job was the best thing ever. I truly was beginning to panic!
Apparently there is a boxing champ whose name is haton or hatton... obscure, i know!