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Friday, February 03, 2006

cue the victory dance

I win! I'm finally employed. It's a temp position, but who cares?! It's money. I did my first day today. It's dead boring, clerical stuff, helping clean up a database for a publishing house, but it's easy, nice money and a relaxed environment. And the cherry on top? When I left the office building this afternoon, it was snowing! Just a tiny bit, the flakes melting as they hit the ground- but still real snow. I was so pleased, I sms'ed Jono to share in my joy. His response: There is something to be said for having cocktails on a summer evening in JHB. Bastard! I'm so jealous.

Nick broke the news to me that the end of winter is not in sight as I thought. Turns out the UK doesnt really have all the seasons in a reasonable split. Just nine months of winter and three of autumn, summer and spring. It broke my heart to hear, because I was just thinking I had got through the most of it. Ha! So naive.

No real news, but thanks so much to all those people who sent me encouraging words while I was unemployed and down

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