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Sunday, January 29, 2006

the hunt for the elusive job continues

This should be old news by now, but ... the grass is not greener on the other side. Sure the transport system rocks, and the first world has it's benefits, but apparently it doesn't want me.
I am still unemployed. I had one half day of work (invigilating SAT's for some american kids at a swish international school) so far, and am still looking. I'm dossing on Lucy and Nick's floor for a couple of days, in order to comb Oxford for a job.
Nick reckons it should be easy going, as he's seen several places with signs in the windows advertising vacancies - mostly bar work, but I'm not fussy.
It seems bizarre that a university graduate, with impeccable English and loads of work experience cant find work. I know several school leavers who literally waltzed into a job here, but anyone with a little tertiary education cant. Responses alternate between "you have no experience" and "you are over-qualified". Riddle me this: if all jobs require two yrs experience, how does one get experience?
Enough bitching!
No good news to report, so signing to hear from some of you - you know who you are!


TiggerTash said...
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TiggerTash said...

Surely your impeccably English self noticed that "can't" has an apostrophe? *evil grin*

Hope the job hunt is eventually job is keeping me suitably insane and stressed. The weather IS rather nice here *gloat gloat* but that's about all it's got going for it as we brace ourselves for O-Week.

Keep in real in London Above.


hawk said...

Hang in there! Sometimes it takes time!