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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

my script writing debut

This morning, one of my company's biggest clients (and the people I spend all my waking hours on these days), Earth-Touch, launched its first TV offering, a wildlife programme called Wild-Touch, on South African television station SABC2.

The programme will be broadcast, daily (Monday to Friday) at 10.30am, and shows very recently filmed wildlife, with commentary from the crew in the field.

I have been involved with the scripted content; what the presenter says, voice overs and intros into pieces. Oh, and also the Did you know inserts.

I am also very involved with the writing and maintenance of the Earth-Touch blog, which was nominated and short-listed for three SA blog awards this year (although we didn't take any home).

Even though it is very short (30sec-1min) bits, it was pretty exciting to hear my words on TV, and the show is of particularly high quality footage and editing.

The images and video is mostly taken from the wildlife footage that the Earth-Touch film crews provide, a lot of which is available to download freely and in both high definition and standard definition on their website


Jack Sung said...

Interestingly and unintentionally I found your blog while surfing the internet. I think the Earth Touch is worth having a look.

Katie Possum said...

hey jack.

thanks for stopping by.

and Earth-Touch is definitely worth a look or two, or three...