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Monday, March 10, 2008

Toto, I dont think we're in Jo'burg anymore...

So, as previously stated, I am NOT a Jo'burg girl. I am an Eastern-Cape-learnt-to-drive-in Grahamstown-bait-my-own-hook kind of girl, playing at being a Jo'burg girl, and, to be honest, it is quite an adjustment.

Other than finding work (maybe even more so), the biggest challenge faced so far was presented to me last week, when I arrived at work and was told to turn around and drive out to the airport immediately to fetch someone.

Since every other time I have been there, other people have driven, and given my skillful avoidance of all highways (except for the day I drove into town), this was pretty daunting!

Long story short, I got lost! This was less my fault than you'd imagine. Turns out the navigator who came with me can't really read maps, and was too shy to say we'd taken a wrong turn and gone half an hour in the wrong direction.

Eventually I pulled over to ask someone for directions. We stopped at a scrubby looking golf course possibly in Kempton Park (I was lost, how should i know?). The place was called St Andrews, and, to my absolute "confuddlement", was staffed by three mildly liquored (at 10:30am) Scots!

"Och, aye, lassie. Just a wee drive from here. Oot the parrrrking lot, straight at the traffic lights..."

no kidding - thought I'd just left Scotland.


Jennifer said...

if you feel nostalgic you can always come back...and enjoy the sublime feeling as the scots start opening the windows to get some fresh air as soon as it hits 6 degrees.

Katie Possum said...

hmmm, tempting...