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Monday, November 12, 2007

a wicked weekend in london

I flew down to London this weekend, sponsored by my sister as a late birthday present, and, as they say, took in a show.
I went down on Friday evening. Eventually got there two hours later than planned, after a delayed easyjet flight and catching the slow train to Clapham Junction, so I was pretty tired when i got in. Not least of all because of the near fatal hair dyeing incident of the night before (which I suppose is fairly self explanatory).
My sister, her flatmate and I spent friday evening catching up and playing Scene It - the friends version. Apparently there was much excitement about my arrival as I am the only person they felt could challenge their comprehensive knowledge of the rerun goliath that is Friends. [ed's note: I finished 2nd]
Come Saturday, my sister and I were off to see Wicked, and despite the London transport system conspiring to make us late, we ran in just five minutes late. The show was awesome! and I would completely recommend it to all musical fans - and if you have seen in it, "it's Galinda, with a Gah!".
now I am just exhausted, and will blog properly later in the week, as there is lots on my mind, but no time to think it through just yet :)

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