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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Almost over...

Tomorrow is my final day of work in the UK, and then I have two weeks of UK holiday ahead of me, and three GLORIOUS, sun-filled, prone-on-the-beach-with-a-book weeks in the Eastern Cape of SA to look forward to [depending on how long it takes for me to find work]!

What a whirlwind two years it has been for me over here! But soon this will be Possum's SA adventures (if I decide to continue blogging through this site).

The last of the boxes are due to be collected for shipping tomorrow, and then all that lies ahead for the next while is pleasant tasks, like buying a car, and holidaying. A five week break is really a priviledge most working people never have again after leaving school / university.

Anyway, posts here are likely to be sporadic over the next little while, but I'll remain contactable through email, and am unlikely to abandon this little blog entirely.

We'll just leave it at, see you later!

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Darren said...

Welcome back to SA Katie, and even more so - to Gauteng. Hope you enjoy it!