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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I wish I was a snail

So I'm preparing to move again. Jono's scholarship is up and we're trying to save some money so we're moving into a slightly cheaper place for the rest of the year. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to purge some stuff that I've inadvertently collected this last year (soooo much stuff). We're book people and books are so cheap in the UK so I've kind of bought anything I've wanted and I cant bring myself to leave them - so we're trying to find the best deal to ship stuff home to SA (and someone to take it in for us until we return).

It's weird that this kind of feels like my first grown up move despite the fact that I havent lived in one place for longer that a year since I started varsity (almost 6 years ago). As a student, moving digs seemed like a massive effort - especially with all that 5th hand furniture, but it turns out the real pain of moving (at least from my perspective) is the admin! Oh god, the ADMIN!

So it takes 2 weeks notice to move your phone line. It takes ten days to move your broadband if your phone number changes, 20 if your number stays the same. You need to give your boss, bank, and tv license people your new address. You need to stop and restart the gas, electricity, water, and council tax... and so on and so on!

As a student, I only had a mobile phone and a electric meter to worry about, now I cant pay for groceries if I dont change my address with the credit card people. i miss student life. Hell, i miss the days when my mom did all the organising. I'm sorry I rolled my eyes at your copious lists, mom!

Sigh - I just want this over with!

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