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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rain, rain go away

Just in case you thought us UK travellers were just a bunch of whiners, always complaining about the rain in the UK this year, and you’ve been there before, and it really wasn’t that bad and we should all just shut up:

I found this article on the M&G. Go read the full article there (before I get into trouble), but here are a few highlights:

UK hit by worst flooding in 60 years
By Katherine Haddon
“With swathes of central and western England under water and more rain on its way”

“Thousands of homes have been hit by the floods, which have prompted the Royal Air Force to carry out what it said was probably its biggest-ever peacetime rescue operation in Britain, picking up more than 100 people.”

“We've seen unprecedented levels of rainfall and flooding that people haven't seen for 60 years”


Naomi said...

Ja, SABC has been showing all these great clips of soggy Brits swimming down the streets, cycling through lakes and trying to drive underwater in little eco-friendly tin can cars. Hilarious.

Katie Possum said...

my thoughts exactly - although it has been quite severe. A colleague of mine got caught in a flash flood on a highway, that saw water rise to the door handle height of the car!!
but still funny :) unless you're an insurance broker...