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Monday, May 07, 2007

The arrogance of the old media

Sunday Times columnist David Bullard thinks you and I (bloggers) are unstable, sad freaks who cant get laid, and are likely to go on a campus shooting spree!

Read this drivel!

I think this is was initially prompted by this post on a disgusting racist site [I had a run in with these wankers myself, over this very post, check out my archives], but this is no reason to write the whole lot of us off as barely literate, self-obsessed losers.

Read Vincent's take on it and join the facebook group. Vincent breaks down the assorted bollocks really well, so I wont repeat him - just go read it.

Then again, while not excusing the attack, Wired Gecko makes a really good point about the good that comes of it - so read this too...


ChewTheCud said...

Me Chewy. You Kate. Me have e-mail. You have e-mail? You mail me?


Kate said...

hey chewy - will do!

Paul Jacobson said...

Thanks for the link Katie!