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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer in the UK, and the Politics of Food

Summer in the UK is really wonderful - long, long days, sunshine and flowery parks (and jugs of pimms) - and while its not quite there yet, the build up has begun.

I think the changing of the clocks doubles as an alarm clock for hibernating Brits, as the population seems to double first week of April. At the first sign of double digit temperatures, people everywhere strip off to almost nothing and lie about in parks all day (damn welfare state) trying to tan.

Its a little humourous, but mostly its exciting. The winter here is sooooo long, and dreary that you cant help but buy into the sheer JOY that sunshine brings - and it feels warm. It doesnt matter that I've just been home to temps around 25 degrees, it hits 15 here and the sandles come out! At home 15C means reach for the hot water bottle and cocoa.

But here's the downside to Summer - winter bodies! With all these people getting almost-butt-nekkid around me, I've had to have a hard look at me in an unforgiving mirror, and see what winter has done to my waist line. Now dont panic - this is not a self-loathing, petulant post about dieting, well not quite. Actually I just wanted to have a small b*tch about the fact that I can buy a over-filling, salt & sugar high, million additives, thigh-stretching mcdonalds meal for £2, but cant get a nice fresh sandwich for less than £4!

What's up with that? (dont preach economies of scale at me - the question was rhetorical). It sucks, that's all!

Well at least I dont look like this chewed piece-of-biltong:


kabintsimbi said...

grosse...what is that?!? She kind of reminds me of the old lady in 'There's something about Mary'.

No man...that is just revolting.

Katie Possum said...

she actually kind of looks like my landlady - definitely yuck!

6000 said...

Think yourself lucky. Cape Town is rapidly plunging into winter. It might be 27C today, but that's cos everyone's at work. Check out our maximum of 15C with stupidly stroing NorthWester and driving rain on Friday - which, of course, is a public holiday.

Katie Possum said...

i know i know, bad everywhere, huh?!

well, here's hoping it goes quickly for you! :)