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Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm loving it

Forgive me for sounding like a McD's advert, but I found the Homecoming Revolution blog today and I am so stoked about it. I support the Homecoming Revolution website, but I do understand the claim that coming home is not all sunshine and biltong. This new blog already has a few posts on it, with balanced personal stories -one is even about missing the UK - a notion I dont understand but I am so happy to see up there.
Anyway, my point was: Go have a read!

P.S. Thanks to Mark Forrester for bringing it to my attention.


M&M said...

Hi Katie Possum. Thanks for the plug, we're loving the new blog too..Mark did a great design job. Any comments and suggestions you have for us, then please do so as we're all qutie new to this.

We thought it was important to have the balanced's not all red carpets and champagne but we want people to debate and chat in a constructive way about our problems back home.

thx again for visiting...come again soon!

Katie Possum said...

Hey M&M: Its pleasure to plug such a positive site! Suggestions? um... just one, it would be great to find someone in the middle of returning home and get them to blog a couple of posts about the process - maybe someone who has been over for a while or even emigrated... where you'd find that person I am not sure, but it would be worth reading since I belive it can be quite involved.

Or ignore my suggestion completely, because its cool already :)

M&M said...

That's a good idea, we've definitely got a few people we could ask! thx! watch this space...