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Friday, February 23, 2007

Tiny selfish joy over global warming

First a disclaimer: I am, um, how to put it..., pro-green. I think we should be utilising greener energy resources and limiting emissions - so dont inundate me with nasty posts about what a horrible person I am when you read what I'm about to say :)

It's been a totally survivable winter so far...and i'm pretty northern right now. I was bleak that London etc had loads of snow and we didnt, and I'm sure this post will trigger some kind of karmic backlash, and March will be frozen hell, but its hovering around ten degrees most days, and I am soooo thankful.

Maybe I have just been here too long but ten or nine or eight degrees is completely do-able for me. The UK has apparently had its mildest winter ever and I couldnt be more pleased.

P.S. I finally got the guts to ask my boss for some leave in April, so I can go home for a short visit - so here's holding thumbs for that!

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The Granny Wrangler said...

no nasty comments for you today miss possum - global warming gets up my bloody nostril. But i do wish it had snowed more. Do you think if i print out all my hate mail and recycle it Santa will bring me a white christmas?