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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thank god for the weekend!

Oh, rest, peace and freedom from desk! It was a good weekend. And the first one in a while where I actually felt I had the full 48hrs.

There's a trick to it, apparently. See the last couple of weekends I've spent in bed - thinking that would be the way to get maximum relaxation, but I found Sunday evening approached at warp speed and it was monday before I got my socks off. This weekend I actually did stuff. Not much, mind you, and nothing strenuous, but I got out of the house. I declared Saturday "South Africa day part 2", and trekked to the Saffa shop for biltong, niknaks and milk tart. Then Jons and I gave ourselves eye strain trying to watch the rugby on his laptop, for only US$8, because the Scotland vs Australia game was on at the same time.

Despite the good result, it still ended in tears - because I cracked a tooth on a rock hard niknak or something. Jono gave me the mother of all painkillers and I apparently spent the rest of the evening crooning along to the Xfactor show and shouting the virtues of Elton John's "Can you feel the love tonight?" - it'sh jusht beaufitifal, and the lionsh are in love! Oh, Nala and Shimba- oh!

And here's the part where you all realise what a sad nerd I am: Sunday was spent winning the war on dust (in between watching episodes of Buffy - its cool, dammit!). Our flat, while cute and kinda quaint, is a dust trap. I dont think it's been cleaned in decades before we moved in. The dust was a kind of thick-pile carpet on all surfaces, doors, and cupboards. We've only been there a short while but have gone through 4 vacuum bags. I feel like Kim and Aggie from How Clean is your House?, - except without the beer boep and silver plaited bun - finding ever more inventive ways of getting throught the build up... my point is: It was foul, but I'm winning, I'm winning!!!

So that's the truth, dear bloggers and readers, I am regressing to full nerd status. Only a couple more weekends like that and I'll have to buy a pocket protector. Thank god for christmas bringing Jon's family into the mix. Then there'll be loads of GnT's and drunken cheating at 30 Seconds, plus the girls night out to rival all girls' nights out. Deck the halls!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the Buffy thing. Embrace your inner nerd! Nerds are back in!
Finished season 4 yesterday. Starting Season 5 tonight. BRING IT ON!!

Kate said...

I'm not watching in order anymore, because Lovefilm f*cked up, but now I'm watching the ones I hadnt already seen, filling in the pieces and loving it!

Revolving Credit said...

Kate, I thought I may have re-posted a bit too soon for everybody to read my post, so here's informing you that you were tagged on Friday.

Kate said...

Hey Rev
Thanks, I hadnt spotted it!
I'll get on that! :)

ChewTheCud said...

lol - what is it lately with the tv series? i ad myself a mini stargate marathon on sunday too. i think its cos they so easy to get, plus it lasts however long you wanna watch something for.

Kate said...

I know! I've been know to watch fours hours plus! :D

Anonymous said...

Those damn nik-naks!

You should sue Simba (or whoever makes them there) - you could make millions!

Kate said...

they were simba niknaks but I think the rock-hardness is more likely to be because they were probably frozen solid in the cargo hold when imported - and the shop I bought them from is teeny - not much money there!

Oops, forget I said that! It was simba! It was all simba! I'm rich!


The Granny Wrangler said...

What i wouldn't give for a G&T and a game of 30 Seconds in sunny SA right about now. Boo about your ticket home. That ranks quite high up in the "sucky" department!!