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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Silly Visa! Damn Ethics!

So, I'm still temping in Edinburgh, and trying to find something more permanent. I had an interveiw yesterday, where the end result was essentially, "if you're going to be in the country beyond next April, you can have the job".

This is because the kind of visa that I have limits the amount of time I can work for. I can legally reside in the country for two years but can only work for 12 months out of the 24. The thinking behind this little gem is apparently to increase tourism, i.e. you spend half your time working and the other touring and essentially pumping money into BnB's across the country. But this is just ridiculous.

Do these people know the kind of money you make when you're forced to temp, because no one will take you on permanently because you can only give them a year's commitment?? I give far more back in tax, than I ever will to tourism, because I cant afford to go on holiday - and most definitely not for a year without working!

Putting that bitch aside, my real complaint is my own damn ethics. While at varsity I heard loads of stories about people bucking this very system. Everyone who'd done a gap year wanted to dole out advice on "getting away with it". My guess is more people cheat their way through than do things legitimately, BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

I cant and wont bring myself to lie my way through this. I cant help thinking that if you're a good girl, things will work out for you (even though all evidence points to the contrary).

The truth is that I have other options. Especially now that Jono's here, my visa options are increased. And there's always the option of an employer helping me with a work permit, but there's never a guarantee. No consulate/embassy would ever guarantee that an application will be successful - so I cant promise to stay here beyond April, so I'm not gonna get the damn job, am I?!


P.S. if MI5/immigration read this: please dont kick me out. If you read carefully, you'll see that I just said I'm doing everything by the book!


TiggerTash said...

I reckon the legal way will work out for you. Of course, I'm a great believer in things happening for a reason. And hell, if all else fails, get married. :P
*ducks and ruuuuuuuuuns*

Anonymous said...


Am also a fan of things happen for a reason.. rather leave the country before being booted out (one friend over-stayed her welcome and tried to go back on holiday four years later. Got to Heathrow, got turned straight back around...)

And while I'm offering my 2-Zim-dollars' worth: if you do have to leave the country, it'll give you a chance to get some SA sun and regroup for Plan B... ;-)

Kate said...

Ja - I agree! I cant imagine how stupid I would feel if a couple of extra months meant that I could never come back. And I do have other visa options - especially if Jono gets into the doctorate programme. Either way, I'll have to come home, even if its just to apply for another visa. :)