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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I started this blog to keep in touch with mates, let them know what I'm up to while 10 000 km away. As a result the blog had my full name on it and I made no attempt to hide who I was because I figured the people reading it knew anyway.

After a couple of months I started to get visits and comments from strangers (as is the nature of a blog), and then made a small attempt to obscure my identity. I changed my profile photo, and dropped all mention of my surname. I went so far as to start referring to everyone by obscure but relevant nicknames (which were fun to make up but not really necessary).

Now I'm having second thoughts. I am blogging about more general issues, and less about the everyday goings-on in my life, but I have not said anything I think is terribly offensive, or anything I wouldnt own up to saying. And I'm not really pulling massive traffic. I'm beginning to think that it's just vanity - thinking that my little blog and random thoughts were truly that interesting to the tech-masses as to justify these steps!

But I'm still reluctant to put myself out there completely. Even though most links to my blog feature my full name and the info is in the archives still.

Since I hold the title "World's Most Indecisive Woman", I want to know what you think. Not about my identity, but rather how you bloggers feel about having your name out there or not.


Anonymous said...

hey darlin,

glad to know you're alive. your house in the middle of your street looks lovely. its all so quaint and europe-like :-) about revealing details of your life to complete strangers, i must admit that that is what has kept me from keeping a blog. i'm the girl who would tear out pages i didn't want people to read from my diary, just in case. so i totally understand how you feel. it's a bit weird to know that total randoms can find out about your life. on the other hand it is really good for your friends to know that they can keep up with your life on the other side of the world. if you ask me life was much simpler when all we had were letters and postcards :-)


Peas on Toast said...

Yes blogs and anonyminity...

I also, 2 years ago, started ot with my name and ludicrous details. As things happened, and with mates, ex-boyfriends, their mates finding my blog, now I am just Peas. Even though they know who I am.

I suppose it's just safer that way.
PS: Love the 'house in the middle of the street" :)
PPS: Also fixed your link Kate.
Have a great weekend. x

Verashni said...

If someone really wants to find out things about you, they will anyway... thats my philosophy, albeit lazy justification for my lack of computer security. Dominic regularly has a hernia on me. Having fun in London are you?

kyknoord said...

Anonymity is fun. Drives people (and stalkers) nuts - especially when you drop tantalising hints that give some idea, but not too much to jeaopardise plausible deniability.

Carlz said...

I agree with Verashni - if someone really wants to know who you are - they will find a way. Also - if you not brave enough to put your name and face with a comment or statement then perhaps you should think twice about saying it? Be the Womyn ;))

Terri said...

I started out same as you - my blog was a place to keep friends & family back home up to date. But then I started forgetting they were there and started revealing more about myself inside than I would normally have done to people I know.
And you know what? It's OK :-)