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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Okay, yes, it's been a terribly long and stressful day. I worked a twelve hour day today, without a break. Found hosts for five Brazilian teenagers who are arriving tomorrow, interviewed five families, picked up two cars, booked airport transfers for (not exaggerating) 100 students, sent out 180 letters, got shouted at by two unreasonable Argentinean agents, and managed to fall up stairs - yes, up!

It is entirely possible that I am hallucinating or losing my mind. Case in point: the fact that I am blogging right now, instead of sleeping, is just one example of probable madness.

But still - I swear to God, I just heard a tv presenter introduce a programme (about a young lesbian simply living, or something) with the words: "time to munch from the lunchbox with the tuna sandwich."

The mind just boggles at the stupidity and stereotyping contained in one silly lad-ish sentence. Come on people, say it with me: "What the fuck?!"


Marika said...

What the fuck indeed!!!

Anonymous said...


hey kate hope ur good. things get better occasionally...
im at
music is on drop in and say hi.

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

Hi Trel! Long time no hear!