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Monday, May 22, 2006

There's a nazi in my basement!

Okay, so when i moved in here I was told about Dr C's father (X), how he was virtually incapacitated from old age, how he lives downstairs and that M is his carer. Since then I still havent seen the guy, but I hear him moving around down there, coughing, watching tv. And i'll admit i started to feel like a minor character in a film, but without the uplifting end bit where everyone cries - you know - that 90's Mel Gibson movie, where half his face is burnt off and he's a weird recluse until some kid finds him and teaches him to live life again (soppy shite really).

Then the other day, Mad M says to me, "did you know X was in Hitler's army?"
*Hello? What? Choke on some wine! Light a cigarette!*
Apparently, not only did this guy fight for Germany in WW2, but was a ranked soldier in the SS!!!!!! He came to England after the war and settled here.

Mad M says he claims to have been shocked when he learnt what the Nazis were up to. I call "bullshit" to this statement. Maybe I would have believed him if he was just a normal citizen there at the time, but the SS were Hitler's private army, right? How's my historical accuracy on this point?

I havent even met the man, but it freaks me out to know that he's down there. Am I being hysterical? Let me know what you think!


gux said...

Hey katey. I don't believe he didn't know what was going on either.

But every story has two sides. You could always try to get to know the guy - it may be an interesting historical/social experiece?!!

TiggerTash said...

Jahvol, mein fuhrer -- you're being paranoid. Guxxi is right: what a fascinating story!

I have nothing but revulsion for the SS, but I think this guy is probably just a harmless, pathetic old man now.

Danielle said...

Hey, if he starts goose stepping get the hell out of there, but i'm in agreement with Tash, he's most likely harmless. It may not be your cup of tea but whom better to speak to about the war than someone who was there. Even if you don't entirely believe the old geyser.
Have fun sweetie

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