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Thursday, March 23, 2006

looking up and views from above

Hiya friendly friends
I'm catching up on my blogging from the tenth floor of a building overlooking the Thames. Talk about your stunning views. And unlike other days, its sunny enough to really enjoy the view. I have the best view of St Paul's Cathedral and the river! Its pretty amazing.
And just to make this post even more boring, I'm going to talk about the weather. Well, just briefly to say "Hooray!", its fucking finally getting warmer. This is the first day over 6 degrees in what feels like forever. And the guy on the dull radio station my sister listens to (Magic FM) says it should be about 14 degrees this weekend. I cant even begin to explain how much of a relief that will be.
Oh ja, and I am not teaching today which is also fantastic. I've been bouncing around a whole lot of London schools for the last two weeks, including Nightmare School for the Suicidal (see 2nd last post - i think), and almost wept with joy when I got some good old dull office work.
Eleven sleeps until I go home for grad. SOOOOOOOOO excited! But unfortunately I am only going to be home for seven days. So it's going to be a huge week. And if you see me wandering down High Street, Grahamstown, in a bikini on an overcast day when you're reaching for the jerseys - be understanding. I'm simply enjoying the weather.

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