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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Temping Wasteland

I'm at my desk at work waiting for the IT guys to get the system back up so I can do my job... how better to waste time than this?!
Is it just me, or does the world seem to resolve around waiting for the IT guys to sort stuff out?

Not that I'm complaining - my job is terminally dull! Forget the fact that a monkey could do this job. A goldfish could do it! Well- at least one of those fish with the extremely developed pectoral fins, that hold their breath and flop around on land for short periods of time, so that scientists can point at them and go "Ooh, a walking fish". I mean who walks like that? More like a flopping fish - which is what fish do - so how remarkable is that?!

What was I saying?

Anyway, this assignment finishes tomorrow, and then I start a two week stint working a switchboard for a motor dealer just outside Oxford. Its moments like this that I'm proud and honoured to be a graduate!

This next job is not that bad, because when I answer the 300th call of the day, and patch someone through to someone, I'll just convert my pay into rands. It's a ten hour/day job, which is fine with little ol' broke me.

That's all for now...


TiggerTash said...

Fish? How did you get from work to fish in three weird sentences?

Glad your degree is getting some good use out there...welcome to graduate life, it seems :P

chelsea said...

I forgot how visually poetic u are k8!

hawk said...

Every single office in the entire world is one long wait for the IT guy to sort someone out! The only solution is to have a laptop and secretly get it sorted out by someone else on the weekend...